Getting a Property Survey in Toronto

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How do you go about getting a property survey in Toronto? The simplest option is to find one that’s available online! Resources such as Protect Your Boundaries make more than half a million GTA property surveys available at affordable rates, with just a few simple clicks online.

Sometimes, your property survey is not available online, or the survey that exists is several decades old and no longer reflects the structures that are present. If this is the case, you can commission a licensed surveyor to create an accurate, up-to-date property survey. There are different types of surveys, but most homeowners opt for the Surveyor’s Real Property Report, or SRPR.

Make sure that the professional you hire is a member of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, and that he or she has a current license. A survey of your property is a crucial document that you may need for banking, tax or building purposes, in the case of a boundary dispute or if you plan to sell. Find yours today!
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Getting a Property Survey in Toronto

You may need to obtain a property survey in order to find out if there are easements that lie underneath your property, such as storm drains or sewers. You may want to locate the property lines in order to be sure that the addition or structure you intend to build is situated properly. You many need a survey to take to the bank as documentation for refinancing, or you may want a survey to get a more accurate tax assessment. You may even need a copy of your property survey in order to provide prospective buyers of your property with the information they want in order to make a decision to purchase. Often, unfortunately, you need a copy of your property survey to demonstrate to a neighbour that his building project is encroaching on your yard.

Online Resources

No matter what the reason, you may be able to find a copy of your property survey online from a resource such as Protect Your Boundaries. This organization makes more than a million surveys available online at affordable prices. If the survey is outdated or unavailable, PYB is a licensed survey firm and can create a new one for you.

Boundary Disputes

Know your property and protect your rights. If you have an encroachment issue, remain as calm as possible, and consult a surveyor and a property lawyer about your rights in your particular situation. 

Protect Your Boundaries Inc. is a licensed member of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, and is entitled to provide cadastral surveying services to the public of the Province of Ontario in accordance with the provisions of the Surveyors Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter S29.

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